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Meet the Governors

Maylandsea Primary School Governing Body

Maylandsea Primary School has a local governing body whose main responsibilities are to;

  • Provide strategic direction for the school
  • Hold senior leaders to account for the performance of the school
  • Ensure financial, curriculum and academic accountability

Governors come from many different sections of the community, and all walks of life. They are parents, staff at the school, residents in the locality or representatives of local communities.

The current board members are:

Mrs. J. Robson (Chair) (A),  Dr N. Rudman (Executive Headteacher), Mrs H. McCann  (Head of School) (S), Mrs E. Jaycock (P), Mrs J. Leno (C), Cllr P. Spires (C), Mrs K. Kaylene (C), Mr J. Cliff (C), Mrs N. Patrick (C), Mrs M. Farrant (C)

Clerk to governors: Mrs Tina Weavers

A= Authority C=Co-opted P=Parent S=Staff