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Big Garden Birdwatch

Big Garden Birdwatch 29th – 31st January


Hello, Maylandsea Primary School!

This week we have decided to set a whole school challenge. At the weekend, it is The Big Garden Birdwatch, organised by the RSPB. The challenge is to spend one hour between Friday 29th January and Sunday 31st January counting the birds in your garden, from your balcony or in your local park.

The brilliant thing about the Big Garden Birdwatch is that you never know what might turn up. At this time of year, food is scarce so all sorts of birds could fly in.

Will you see delicate blue tits, fluffed up against the cold, or maybe a troop of long-tailed tits, chattering to each other as they flit from tree to tree?

I have included some resources to help you identify the birds you spot and to record how many you see.

You can sign up by clicking on the link below, or just join in for fun!

Happy twitching!