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Secrets of a Sun King 

by Emma Carroll


Chapter 13 (part 1)

Secrets of a Sun King chapter 13 part 1 - YouTube


In this chapter Lillian and Tulip's lie is nearly uncovered when Mrs Mendoza receives a telegram from her boss telling her to return to London. How do you think her boss may have found out that she was on her way to Egypt? What do you think will happen when the lie is uncovered?


Remember that good predictions do not have to be correct, but they should make reference to what you know from the story (so based on what you know about Mrs Mendoza, from the way she has acted in the past and what type of person she seems to be, how will she react?). It also needs to take into account the story genre (aliens are unlikely to appear in this type of book, but also they are also unlikely to all go home without solving the mystery).