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Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll


Chapter 6 


Secrets of a Sun King chapter 6 part 1 - YouTube

Secrets of a Sun King chapter 6 part 2 - YouTube


Today I would like you to think about themes in our class book.


Themes are the BIG ideas that recur through a story. Things like love, friendship, death, good vs evil, growing up or survival. As you can see they are not specific things that happen but BIG issues that affect all our lives. These are revisited by the author throughout the book.


Lilian says:

"Yet when I finally turned the light out, it wasn't curses I was thinking about: it was adults who pushed you into being someone bigger than you wanted to be. And best friends and brothers, neither of which I had, but which would probably make life a lot better."


She is referring to some of the themes in the story here; pressure to be something you are not, friendship and family.


Discuss, or think about and jot down, how each of these themes is relevant (important) to Lilian and her life in 1922 and then to Kiki (Tutankhamun) in his life in 1323.