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Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll


Chapter 7 (part 1)


Secrets of a Sun King chapter 7 part 1 - YouTube


Today, I would like you to try to summarise chapter 7. In case you have forgotten, a summary is a brief (short) account (retelling) of the main points or events. 


When we summarise, it is important to consider what to leave out, as you need to be brief. Include things that are dramatic or that you think help to move the story on.  Leave out any details that are not exciting or that don't move the story on. Even if you remember these details, or if you found them funny or interesting, they do not belong in a summary.

For example:

  • I would not include Tulip pretending to be Professor Hanawati's niece, as this was not dramatic and it does not move the story on because it does not get them any closer to finding the translation.
  • I would include Lillian entering the house through the coal chute as this was dramatic (she was being chased by a policeman). Also it moves the story on as she would never have found the translation if this event hadn't happened.


Try to keep your summary to a maximum of 4 sentence (and don't cheat by leaving out the full stops, only one conjunction per sentence laugh). You might like to write your summary down, or even share it with me on the class story, as we will not be reading Secrets of a Sun King again until after half term. It will help to read our summaries to remind ourselves what just happened after the holiday.