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Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll


Chapter 8

Secrets of a Sun King (chapter 8) - YouTube


In this chapter the theme (BIG idea) of secrets is explored further. At the end of the chapter Lilian says,

"It was only half a lie. But it came out easily, especially now I wasn't the only one with secrets."


Discuss or think about these different ways in which secrets feature in this chapter;

  • Lillian's grandad compares Louis XVI to Howard Carter. He describes them both as Sun Kings. He says. "His mission in life? to dazzle everyone." How do you think this description of Louis XVI and Carter relates to secrets?
  • Lillian's parents are keeping a secret from her, what do you think the secret might be? What clues are there? Why do you think they are keeping this from her? Do you think they are right to keep this secret?