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Easter Holidays - 3rd April 2020

Happy Easter everybody!  Please find below a mixture of activities and links for you to use to occupy yourselves and the children over the next 2 weeks.  They include over 60 links to places showing virtual feeds, including, science centres and zoos.

Please feel free to use these as and when you want, as well as continuing to use Bug Club and TTRS.

I will also be loading chapters of 'Fing' each day over the holiday.

Please have fun and stay safe. 

Fing - David Walliams


Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Links and Files

Activity Village.  This link gives a number of craft-related activities.  There are a number of activity packs for all ages.

Art:  The following youtube link is a 1 hour power hour link on how to draw the Simpsons.  I suggest watching parts of it, although start watching it at 9 minutes as before that is about the setting up of the page,  The link is:

Science: The file below includes 3 experiments on static electricity.


Find your class homework here in the event of coronavirus school closure

Date set: 30th March 2020

Homework activities:

Please find below the web links to the websites for which passwords have been sent by class dojo.

Bug Club:


TTRock Stars


Below is a file with some fun and games on football-related things.  This is just a little fun for the children should they wish to use it in their down time.



Fun and Games

Children are please required to complete the following work:

- a daily English/spelling task

- a daily Maths task

- reading for 30 minutes daily

- recapping times tables and divisions up to 12 x 12 for 30 minutes daily

- a grid challenge


Maths and English tasks will be added to the website on a weekly basis, with daily activities included on them.  A grid of 5 topic activities will also be added from which an activity is to be completed daily - they can be done in any order.


English Tasks:


The set tasks this week will be based on the David Williams book, 'Fing'.  Please don't worry if you don't have a copy or cannot get access - I will be reading a portion of the book on video and posting it onto Classdojo, along with questions and tasks that will also be input onto the website.  Please access the video and answer the tasks.


Date Set: 30th March 2020


Please select 1 task per day.  

Task 1: Follow this link: and hear the prologue of Fing.  After listening to the video link, use your imagination and description to draw what you think Maurice, Meredith and Myrtle Meek look like.

Task 2: Today's link is: where you will hear Chapters 1 and 2.  After listening to the chapters, make an alphabetical shopping list of items you would like to have, and why.

Task 3:  Chapters 3 and 4 are now uploaded using the following links: and  Now Myrtle has asked her parents for a Fing, what do you think a Fing is?  What would you want if you asked for a Fing?  Describe and draw what you think a Fing is.  When you draw what you believe it is, add arrows around your diagram explaining what it does or its characteristics.

Task 4: Chapter 5 can be found at:  For your task, please describe what you think the ancient vaults of the library is like.  Use imagery (5 senses) for your description.

Task 5: Chapters 6 and 7 are now online on the following links: and  In Chapter 7, there are a number of books mentioned.  Your task is to think of 10 things you like and make up book titles with them, using alliteration.  For example, "Fantastically Fast Footballers".


Please also find below 5 SpaG sheets.  Choose one subject per day that you would like to work on.

Maths Tasks:


Date Set: 30th March 2020


Task 1: Create and record on a tally chart and draw a bar graph.  Go for a walk and record the number of various things you see.  For example, the number of rainbows, cyclists, people walking their dog, cars, etc.  Record them on a tally chart and put them onto a bar graph.

Task 2: Listen to the Rounding Rap on the following link:  There are 3 challenges in the Resources: the first is about Place Value and the other 2 are different levels for Rounding.  Remember to circle the number in the correct place value column and underline the number on its right.

Task 3 : Spend time on TT Rock Stars or Hit the Button working on your times tables.  I will be logging on as well, so why don't you challenge me and see how we do against each other?

Task 4 : Mymaths has been set

Task 5 : Arithmetic Test.  There is a Year 3 and a Year 4 test.

Topic Tasks:


Date set: 30th March 2020


Weekly challenges:  Please choose one of these challenges to complete each day in addition to your daily Maths and English task: 

Challenge 1: P.S.H.E.: For this lesson, the children will explore gratitude and think about what they are grateful for.  The following link, is a game that can be played similar to pick-up sticks.  The instructions are on the clip halfway down the page but can be adapted in regard to colours and alternatives to sticks.  All the family can play the game.  If you can't play the game, it is not an issue as the activity is for the children to write 2 paragraphs on "What we are grateful for" - people, places, toys/pets, etc. Each paragraph should have between 4/5 sentences.

Challenge 2: P.E.: On the attached resource, there are a number of websites that can be used for various physical activities as well as a Physical Activity Bingo card, which can be crossed off as all the exercises are completed.  There are 36 activities.

Challenge 3: Art: Watch the following video - it lasts approximately 12 minutes:  Once you have watched it, choose 5 animals to draw and colour.  Remember the skills used in the warm-up last week.
Challenge 4: Science: Making a lava lamp.  For this experiment, you will need water, cooking oil, food colouring, a bottle or glass and an alka seltzer or something that fizzes.  Watch the video,, and try the experiment...when completed, write up the experiment and try the lamp in a dark area.
Challenge 5: Project - Healthy Living.  This week's activity is to keep a sleep diary.  In the 'Project Resources' document, there are questions and a table to keep data relating to this.


Topic Resources


Over the next few weeks, you will be doing a project on Healthy Lifestyle.  It may be best to do this in the back of your books or if you would prefer to start a folder of your own.  For those of you very daring, you could mix your writing and diagrams in conjunction with a powerpoint.

The project will be split into 4 parts and I will add activities in with other work on the website.  The four parts are:

1) Nutrition - Healthy Eating

2) Movement - Healthy Movement

3) Lifestyle - Healthy Habits

4) Mindset - Healthy Thoughts

We will be using a website called The Children's Health Project from which I will be able to send resources when required.

Project Resources

Mr Mackler is the class teacher.  If you need to contact me, whether the school is open or closed, please use classdojo to send messages and I will respond in the same manner.

Here are some of the books we are reading in class

Here are some of the books we are reading in class 1
Here are some of the books we are reading in class 2
Here are some of the books we are reading in class 3
Here are some of the books we are reading in class 4

Welcome to Dragonfly Class

Things to do at home:

Reading: Children need to read at home with an adult at least three times a week. This reading should be recorded in their reading records and signed by an adult. In addition, they should be encouraged to read independently as much as possible. When reading with them it is helpful to ask them questions on what they have read to check their understanding and develop their inference and deduction skills. Children receive various rewards for reading at home. We appreciate your support with helping your child with this crucial skill. Reading books and diaries will need to be in school every day.  

Maths homework will be given to the children once a week. It will be My Maths, Times, Tables Rockstars or a worksheet.  Homework will be checked every week and team points given to children who have completed it.

Spellings  This year we are sending home Look. Cover, Write, Check sheets which will have different spelling rules each week. We have asked the children to complete these as homework and ask a grown up about the meanings of the word if they are unsure. Each week, we will ask the children to write the spellings that they have remembered and then put these words into sentences. Our hope is that the children will have moved these words into their long term memory and be able to use them again in the future.

Chilli challenges Homework books contain all the chilli challenges. We generally expect one chilli challenge to be completed a week but appreciate some may be more time consuming. We hope that the children find this a fun way to complete their homework and a good opportunity for them to share their topic learning with you.

Dragonfly Class - Information Booklet