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Welcome back to Remote Learning!  Please don't look at it as Home Schooling as we appreciate everything that you are doing to make your children's learning as seamless and straightforward as possible and you're doing a fantastic job!


Government guidelines are that we should be learning for 4 hours per day however that doesn't mean that the lessons must take that length of time.  Every day, lessons will be set for Maths, English and Topic and these should take between 45 minutes and an hour each. We are obviously having zoom meetings and lessons which will also take at least 30 minutes.  As well as this, we have several online websites for which the children have access and I would encourage them to use these.  


Bug Club is an excellent reading tool and TTRS is great for times tables.  The BBC have lockdown lessons now live on BBC1 and BBC2 or on the following link:  Oak Academy, on, and Natural Curriculum, on also have extremely helpful information so please feel free to access as much as you can.


Please just do your best and remember, we are here to help as much as you need.  We are just a phone call or dojo message away.

Half-Term Beat the Teacher - Challenge 4


I can't upload the video directly to the website, so please follow this link for today's challenge:


Good Luck and Have Fun!

Half-Term Beat the Teacher - Challenge 3


I can't upload the video directly to the website, so please follow this link for today's challenge:


Good Luck and Have Fun!

Half-Term Beat the Teacher - Challenge 2


I can't upload the video directly to the website, so please follow this link for today's challenge:


Good Luck and Have Fun!

Half-Term Beat the Teacher - Challenge 1

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Class Book - FING by David Walliams


I have added an extra star from this week, in which 5 days worth of reading can be seen if you follow the links. On some of the days there may be an activity set based on the chapter.  Enjoy!




This week is Children's Mental Health week and given our current situation in terms of lockdown, it is extremely important that the children mix their remote learning with breaks and activities that are enjoyable. Please feel free to look at on which there are written and virtual activities.

Welcome to Dragonfly Class


Mr Mackler is our class teacher, we are Class 6 and have a mixture of Year 3 and Year 4 children.


About us:

As well as Mr Mackler, we have Mrs Warner, in the mornings, and Mrs Keighley, in the afternoons, as our LSAs. We also have our class TA, Mrs Beer, for half of the week.  From the Spring Term, we will have a further LSA with us every morning: Mrs. Winfield (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs Mason (Thursday/Friday) will join us. 


Obviously the current situation and restrictions make meeting difficult however we are always available at the door, social distancing permitting, as well as via class dojo or through the school office should you need any questions answered or issues addressed.


Please find below the web links to the websites for which passwords have been sent by class dojo.

Bug Club:


TTRock Stars


BBC Bitesize are doing Daily Lessons for Homeschooling.  Please follow their link on to see what can be accessed.


Maths Challenge from Dr. Rudman

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Listen to Dr. Rudman's challenge and see if you can solve it. if you can, send me your effort. Have fun!
Our Yearly Learning shows what we are working on this year.  Please take a look and see what topics and work the children will be learning about until Summer.

Remote Learning - week commencing 4th January


Our new topic for the Spring Term is entitled: "Beneath Our Skin".  We will be studying diet, nutrition and our internal organs amongst other areas.  Your task is to make a list of things you know about what is beneath our skin and a second list which shows what you would like to know about it.


For SPAG work, we will be looking at the natural curriculum website, following this link:  Each week we will concentrate on a specific grammatical area with this week's being 'conjunctions (when, if, because, although)'.  Once on the link, please find objective Number 2 (2 of 15) and click on one of the 3 animals.  Once into your animal, you will see at the bottom of the page that there are 4 tabs. Please complete these during the course of the week.


For English work, we are going to use Pobble365, examining a picture called The Woodcarver, which is similar to Pinocchio.  If you use the link,, scroll down to the bottom of the page for 5 activities - these can be completed in any order.

Activity 1: Story starter - read the start of the story and continue it, using imagery and descriptive language.

Activity 2: Sentence challenge - in sentences, try to describe Gepetto's emotions.

Activity 3: Sick sentences - Look at the 4 sentences.  Improve them by adding different word types.

Activity 4: Perfect picture - draw what the puppet will do next when it realises it can move on its own.

Activity 5: Question time - There are 8 questions to answer, using inference and predictive understanding,


In Maths, in the attached worksheet, entitled Spring 1 Challenge Tasks, there is a combination of 5 tasks and a 'Challenge Noggle' for 6 days.  Do one of these per day please; you don't have to print them off, if it's easier you can just answer them straight onto paper.


As well as these, the following link will take you to Horrible Histories Roman Numerals.  Please watch it and then answer the Julius Caesar Roman Numerals activity.  The link is


There are also 2 Algebra challenges.  Please try the first one.  The second one is extremely challenging and can be tried however if it is too difficult, please don't panic as we haven't done the work needed to complete it, it is just to challenge those who wish to try it.


Remember, you can always play TTRS and Hit the Button to improve your Times Tables.



Our Year so far in Pictures

Here are some of the books we are reading in class

Welcome to Dragonfly Class

Things to do at home:

Reading: Children need to read at home with an adult at least three times a week. This reading should be recorded in their reading records and signed by an adult. In addition, they should be encouraged to read independently as much as possible. When reading with them it is helpful to ask them questions on what they have read to check their understanding and develop their inference and deduction skills. Children receive various rewards for reading at home. We appreciate your support with helping your child with this crucial skill. Reading books and diaries will need to be in school every day.  

Maths homework will be given to the children once a week. It will be My Maths, Times Tables Rockstars or a worksheet.  Homework will be checked every week and team points given to children who have completed it.

Spellings  This year we are sending home Look. Cover, Write, Check sheets which will have different spelling rules each week. We have asked the children to complete these as homework and ask a grown up about the meanings of the word if they are unsure. Each week, we will ask the children to write the spellings that they have remembered and then put these words into sentences. Our hope is that the children will have moved these words into their long term memory and be able to use them again in the future.

Chilli challenges Homework books contain all the chilli challenges. We generally expect one chilli challenge to be completed a week but appreciate some may be more time consuming. We hope that the children find this a fun way to complete their homework and a good opportunity for them to share their topic learning with you.