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This week we will be concentrating primarily on identifying and using full stops and capital letters accurately.  It is something we don’t do very well and need to practice both in spotting where they should go and also making sure we use them properly in our writing.




Today we will be using the BBC website, following the link: with the main title of the page showing ‘Using full stops’.


Play the video under the heading ‘Learn’, which is like a starter, asking you to select the sentence with the correct use of capital letters.  If you want to dress as a superhero after getting the questions correct, please do!


Next, play ‘Activity 1: Punctuate with MC Ernie’.  When you play the activity, please select ‘Punctuation’.  After selecting this, you will need to play the ‘Full stops’ and ‘Capital letters’ games.


With each of the sentences, please write them in your books and then play the game to see if your answers are correct.  


Once you have done these, please complete ‘Activities 2 and 3: Let’s listen to a Story’ and ‘Let’s write some pirate sentences’.