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use correct punctuation to show speech in our writing.

We are going to continue with How to Train Your Dragon.  I know some of you struggled with the author reading the chapters so I have found a different reader.  I hope you enjoy. 


Today we are going to be looking at Chapter 5: A Chat with Old Wrinkly and Chapter 6: Meanwhile, Deep In the Ocean….

Listen to the next 2 chapters:  / ViewPure  (Chapter 5)

/ ViewPure (Chapter 6)

Look at the PPT in Resources.   

Hiccup talks to his Grandfather Old Wrinkly about how extraordinary small his dragon is and how it shows that he will never be a hero. Old Wrinkly tells Hiccup that he is going to have to learn to be a hero the hard way.

Slide 2 has a few questions you need to discuss to ensure you understood what you listened to. 

Today we will be learning how to use speech marks “” in our writing. You are going to write about the conversation between Old Wrinkly and Hiccup. Put “  ” around what words the speaker says. A new speech sentence starts with a capital letter (even if it is the middle of another sentence).

Separate what was said from speaker with a comma unless there is already a ? or !

Start a new paragraph if a sentence has a new speaker saying something.




Your challenge today is to write about the conversation between Old Wrinkly and Hiccup, using “” to show the characters speaking and some punctuation (Slide 3 gives you some clues). 

Slide 4- you can either print it off (if you have the facilities) and fill in the correct punctuation or you can discuss with someone where you think the “” go and what punctuation is needed. 

Slide 5 – Discuss the answers with someone you are with ensuring you understand what you listened to.