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use descriptive vocabulary to make ordinary objects seem amazing.

We are continuing with How to Train Your Dragon. 


Listen to Chapter 7: Toothless Wakes Up

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Look at the Powerpoint. 

Slide 2 has some questions that need to be discussed.  They are about the chapter you have just listened to. 

When Stoick first sees Toothless he noticed how remarkably small it was for a dragon and it didn’t have any teeth. Fishlegs came to Hiccup’s rescue by saying it was a rare and violent species called the ‘Toothless Daydream’. Fishlegs went on to describe Toothless as the offspring of royal blood and that Hiccup had burgled the offspring of King Daggerfangs, ruler of Wild Dragon Cliff.


Just like Fishlegs, you are going to choose a very ordinary object or pet and use exciting descriptive vocabulary to make it sound amazing. You will write a description of your chosen object exaggerating it in every way you can using exciting adjectives and similes.

To help you with this challenge, try to think of descriptive adjectives and similes when describing a pet or everyday object to make it sound amazing.

Slide 4:  Try and guess the object that has been described.