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WALT: identify the features of a letter.


How do people communicate with each other?  Write down all the different ways that this can happen and think about how we currently are with us not being able to see people.  Are there any unusual ways in which people can communicate?  This week we will focus on letter writing, building up to writing a letter to residents at an Old People's Home who may be a little lonely in the current lockdown situation.  


What is the purpose of writing letters?  What is the difference between writing a letter and typing an email?  Why do you think some people still write letters when it is cheaper and quicker to type an email?


All letters have a similar structure, which means that the text is organised in similar ways.


Task 1 is to look at the letters in Resources titled: 'Example Letters' and to write down as many features as you can think of.  Remember, a feature is something that you find in most letters.  For example, the date is a feature.


Task 2 is to look at the files entitled 'Letter Features'.  There are 2 challenges: Challenge 1 has a word bank of the features at the bottom from which you can select the answers whereas Challenge 2 does not have the word bank. Select the most appropriate challenge.  Please do not choose the easier one if you are comfortable with knowing the features.  There is also a file in Resources which is a checklist of features that you can use as a check.