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WALT: compare formal and informal letters.


What do you think formal and informal mean?  Watch the following video to find out a little more about the difference between formal and informal language:   


I was always taught, that the difference between the types of language is that formal language is the language you would use if talking to the Queen! 


Can you think of some examples of both types of letters?  Who may you send an informal letter to?  What type of letter may contain formal language?


Your tasks today relate to identifying the difference between formal and informal language.


In Resources, the file named 'Formal or Informal' has 10 phrases that you have to read and determine which one they are.  You can write the answer in the table in the file.


The second task relates to the three letters you first looked at yesterday.  Do you think each of them are formal or informal?  Find phrases which support your thoughts.