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WALT: use the structure of a letter.


Today we will be looking at the structure of a letter and use your knowledge of the features to piece a letter together.


First of all, we will recap the features that you learnt about on Monday.  Write as many features as you remember down without looking and then go back over the letters you used to check and see if you remembered them all.


When you have completed this, in Resources there is a file entitled 'Structure - Task'.  In this task there are parts of a letter that are not in the correct order.  Your task is to put the paragraph and features into the correct order, structuring the letter accurately.  There is a separate file with the answer however try the task first before looking at the answer file.


Finally, if you are able to, after completing the previous tasks, the file called 'Letters - Task' has a short formal and a short informal letter  Try to add more information to the letter(s) by using the language you have learnt this week.