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WALT: write a letter


Go over everything you have learnt this week on letters: features, structure, formal and informal.


Today you will be writing a letter to a resident of a Residential Home.  This is an older person who may not see many people so this is an opportunity for you to tell them all about you and ask them questions about themselves too.


In Resources, there are letter templates.  There are three different templates where the only difference is the number of lines.  The 1 star template have fewer lines and they are bigger and this changes for the 2 and 3 star templates.  I would like to actually send the letters to the Home so write as neatly as you can, use full stops and capital letters accurately, which we worked on last week, and check any spellings of which you are unsure.


I have also put a copy of a letter sent by another school earlier this year as an example to give you some ideas for features, structure and ideas.  Please have a look at it before you start your letter.


Finally, DO NOT put your home address on your letter.  Put the school address instead, which is:


Maylandsea Primary School

Katonia Avenue





When finished, please keep your letter and we will send them when I can collect them from you.