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order a set of instructions.

This week we are going to be looking at instructional writing.  I am linking it to How to Train your dragon (Anglo-Saxons/Vikings believed in dragons so there is a link to our topic). 


Some of you may have seen the films which are quite different from the book.  Look at the PPT in Resources.   What clues does the map and the characters give us about what might happen in the story? (Slide 2 and 3)

Listen to the first chapter:  / ViewPure

When you have listened to the first chapter try and answer some of the questions on slides 4 and 5. 

Today we are going to order a set of instructions.

Look at some imperative verbs on Slide 6.  These verbs boss us about and tell us what to do!

Have a go at identifying the ‘bossy’ verbs.

Time conjunctions are also really important as they give us clues about the order which we need to follow…

Have a go at ordering these in your book by either cutting and pasting or writing them out directly.














Slide 8 has a set of instructions that need to be re-written in the correct order.  Remember to start each new instruction on a new line.