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 WALT draw images from what we have read. 

If you have access to the book (or movie) Fantastic Mr Fox then great.  If not don’t worry. 

Read chapter one (if you do not have access to the book, you will find the chapter in the resources).  This chapter introduces us to 3 farmers.  Boggis, bunce and Bean.  Split your page into 4.  In each box write the farmers’ names (you will use 3 boxes).  While you are reading chapter one, write any adjectives (describing words) that are used to describe each farmer.  Now read chapter 2.  This chapter introduces us to Mr Fox.  In the fourth box write Mr Fox and then all the adjectives that describe him.  

Now see if you can draw each character using the given descriptions from the texts.  You can label each one with the words and phrases that you gathered. 

If you have it, watch the rest of the Fantastic Mr Fox movie.

The book’s name is Fantastic Mr Fox.  It is alliterative (uses the same letter at the beginning of the words for effect).  Can you give yourself an alliterative name that describes your character?  I would be Mad Mrs MacNeil J

Try doing this for the other members of your family or your friends.