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WALA present perfect form verbs. 

Read the summary of events in the story so far (See resources).  Discuss them with someone and check you understand what has happened so far. 

Now read CHAPTER 16 (in resources if you do not have the book).  It describes what happens in Bean’s cider cellar. 

Look at the powerpoint (in resources).  Make sure you press slideshow and work through each slide as there is oral descriptions and explanations that will help you. 

Look back at chapter 16 and find some of the past tense verbs (Hint- most of them will have –ed endings).  Practise changing them into the present perfect form by adding has or have. 

TASK:  In resources you will find some sentences.  You need to write them out into your books using the perfect form (the verb is in brackets at the end of each sentence).  Parents the answers are on the other page J



Roald Dahl had a very interesting life. Did you know he was a fighter pilot during the second world war? See if you can find out more information and create a factsheet about him.