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add description to our writing. 



Open the powerpoint in resources and look at the questions.  Think of these questions while you listen to the next chapter (You can answer them while you are listening).

Listen to Chapter 2 Inside the Dragon Nursery.  (It is in 2 parts and is read by the actual author).

/ ViewPure   part 1

/ ViewPure  part 2


Inside The Dragon Nursery Hiccup and the Novices on the Dragon Initiation Test enter the cave in search of a dragon. There is a detailed description of ‘The Gronkle’ along with some statistics.

While listening to the story see if you can identify and record some of the adjectives that are used.

Pupils will create and draw their very own dragon using bright colours. They will think of a terrifying name for their magical beast and label interesting features. They will compose a description for their dragon using descriptive adjectives and complete sentences. They will then create statistics for their dragon using the same categories as the book.














Today you are going to create and draw your very own dragon using bright colours.  You need to think of a terrifying name for your magical beast and label some interesting features.

Once you have drawn and labelled your dragon I would like you to compose a description for your dragon using descriptive adjective and complete sentences.  

You can then create statistics for your dragon using some of the categories as the book.