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identify and use nouns in our writing.



Listen to Chapter 3: Heroes or Exiles

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Hiccup and the other boys on the D.I.T. are chased by a swarm of angry dragons. Gobber helps them escape by bashing a few dragons with his axe.

While listening, try to identify and record as many nouns as you can neatly in your books. 

Once you have listened to the story open the PPT and answer the questions. 















Today you are going to use the nouns you found while listening to retell the story of the escape from the swarm of dragons using complete sentences and accurate punctuation.

On slide 4 there are some nouns to help you.

Remember your need to write in full sentences and your need to be neat.  If you would like to type your work out you are welcome to.  Don’t forget to download it on Dojo.