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improve a set of instructions. 

Today you are going to be planning your instructions on how to train a dragon. 


Listen to Chapter 4: How To Train Your Dragon

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Look at the powerpoint and discuss the answers to the questions (you don’t have to write them down today you can discuss them). 

Snotlout ridicules Hiccup about the size of his dragon. Fishlegs then challenges Snotlout to have a fight with Hiccup. To make matters worse, when Hiccup and Fishlegs find the book ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ by Professor Yobbish they find the one and only rule to dragon training is “YELL AT IT”.  I don’t think yelling at a dragon is the right way to train one, do you? 















Today you need to try to improve the instruction to help Hiccup and Fishlegs. When training a puppy or a kitten you don’t just yell at them.  Think of how you could train a dragon, what you will need. 

Look at your work on instructions for catching a dragon (Monday). Use time conjunctions and imperative (bossy) verbs to improve the golden rule of dragon training and create four more instructions to help Hiccup and Fish Legs.

Today you are going to be planning and thinking about the different ways you could train a dragon (using skills you already know – have you had a pet?  Do you know how to look after it and train it?  If not do a little research).

Tomorrow you are going to be writing your instructions out neatly with diagrams.