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WALA prepositions and instructions. 

Read the learning reminders about prepositions (in resources – they are the same as yesterday’s powerpoint but in card form).   Also in resources you will find 2 pages of Cabbage cards.  Together they make up a set of instructions for making cabbage dye but the main sentences and prepositions have become separated and muddled. 

You don’t need to print them off you can read them off your screen and then write them in your books.  You need to match the main sentence with the correct prepositional phrase. 

Write the instructions in order (if you have not printed them off order them first and then write them out). 

Challenge yourself to identify what sort of preposition is being used in each sentence (time, place or cause), you could underline each type in a different colour.  Can you think of different prepositions you could use.

I know I have a few children who really struggle with these kinds of challenges.  Parents even if you get them to write out 2 of the instructions and then let them tell you orally.  Record them telling you the instructions in the correct order. 

Try the Fun-Time Extras

Write your own set of instructions for something – it could be making a Lego model, drawing a particular picture, planting a seed. Try to include a preposition for each instruction. You could type your instructions up on the computer and add pictures to illustrate each step.

Try playing ‘Simon Says’ with other family members – the challenge is to include a preposition in each instruction, e.g. ‘Simon says put your hand under your foot’.