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Thursday 14th January 2021

WALT: Prepare to retell a story

In this lesson, you will look at the features of a myth and take part in some speaking and listening activities to prepare you for retelling the ancient Egyptian myth ‘The Story of Osiris’ in your own way.


What is Osiris known for?

Osiris is known for being a very important ancient Egyptian god. Ancient Egyptians believed him to be the Lord of the Underworld and he also judged the dead as they made their journey through the underworld. The ancient Egyptian goddess, Isis, was his wife and Osiris was killed by his jealous brother, Seth. Osiris and Isis had a son, Horus, who was born after Osiris's death. Eventually, Horus went on to revenge his father's murder.

What are ten top facts about the ancient Egyptian goddess, Isis?

1. Isis was a very important ancient Egyptian goddess.

2. Isis was married to the ancient Egyptian god, Osiris.

3. Isis and Osiris had a son called Horus.

4. Many temples were built in honour of Isis.

5. Isis had the power to heal.

6. Her sister was called Nephthys.

7. Some images of Isis show her as having wings.

8. Her parents were Geb and Nut.

9. Isis had magical powers and could cast spells.

10. Isis and her sister were often depicted on coffins as it was believed they had the power to protect the dead from evil.

Task 1: Complete the table below:

Task 2: Think about ‘The Story of Osiris’.  The picture cards below illustrate events in the story, however they are not in the correct order.  See if you can sequence the pictures correctly. You may need to refer to the story text.

Next, read and complete the tasks in today’s PowerPoint (there is a PDF version for those who can’t access this).