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Friday 15th January 2021

WALT: retell a myth in front of an audience.  

Today’s task is to become a storyteller.  In your own words (not reading from the text) you can either: select a part of The Story of Osiris to retell; retell the whole story; or work with a friend/ friends online to retell different parts of the story.

You could upload your storytelling to share on class dojo, once you have rehearsed at home, tell the story to someone at home or a friend or relative online.


What is a fronted adverbial?

An adverbial is a word, phrase or clause that is used, like an adverb, to modify a verb or a clause. Adverbs can be used as adverbials, but many other types of words, phrases and clauses can be used in this way, including prepositional phrases and subordinate clauses. When an adverbial is used at the beginning of a sentence, they are often called ‘fronted adverbials’.


5 Top Facts about Anubis

1. Anubis is an ancient Egyptian god associated with mummification.

2. In the underworld, Anubis would weigh a person's heart against the feather of truth.

3. Anubis is shown as having the head of a jackal.

4. Embalmers in ancient Egypt would wear an Anubis mask when embalming.

5. Anubis was believed to be very knowledgeable about the human body due to how experienced he was in mummifying bodies.

Task 1: Read and complete the activities in today’s PowerPoint (there is a PDF version for those who can’t access this).

Task 2: Use the plan below to help structure what you are going to say:

Task 3: Rehearse retelling your part of the story.

Task 4: Once you are ready to perform, ask your audience to give you feedback on your performance based on the sheet below: