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WALT: answer questions on a text.


For the next several lessons, we will be using a text / story called Mission Possible.  There will be a variety of activities that are linked to the text so you will need to read or listen to the story on most days before answering the questions set.


in Resources, you will find the text and the first 2 activities.  Try to read the text through, marking any words of which you are unsure or of which you do not know the meaning.  Once you have read through the text, use the following link to listen to Pie Corbett (the author) read it:


You can re-read or re-listen to the text as often as you wish to ensure understanding and when you have finished, if you are reading or listening with anyone, discuss the story with them.  


Following this, complete the 2 activities, which are using 20 words to describe the story and then answering questions about what you thought of the story.  Use full sentences, which equal full stops and capital letters, and explain your answers.