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Monday 25th January 2021 

WALT: Take notes accurately. 


We have learnt that Osiris was God of the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt, but what exactly was this afterlife that the Ancient Egyptians believed in so strongly? 

  • Watch the BBC clip History KS2: The afterlife in Ancient Egypt - BBC Teach 

  • Watch the clip again, but this time make notes to remind you of the most important and interesting points (pause the clip whenever necessary). 

  • Check your notes, although you should not write in full sentences, ensure that you can understand what you have written – edit if you need to. 

  • As you read them back you can add in anything you remember from the clip that you haven't already written down.

  • If you have time, do some further research (safely) into the Ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife and add to your notes.