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Tuesday 26th January 2021 

WALT: Write an Explanation 

Just for fun and to make you smile today, you might like to watch this… Horrible Histories - Egyptian Gods and The Devourer - YouTube  

Today’s actual lesson: 

  • Using your notes from yesterday (based on the clip History KS2: The afterlife in Ancient Egypt - BBC Teach) write an explanation about how important the idea of the afterlife was for the Ancient Egyptians.

  • Watch this clip on how to write an explanation Writing an Explanation - YouTube.  You have already chosen your topic (Ancient Egyptian afterlife) and done your research (your notes from yesterday). Next you need to write the topic sentence which sums up what your explanation will be about.

  • When you have written your topic sentence, share it on our class story page, if you are stuck look at what others have put on the class story page to get ideas.

  • Now you are ready to write your explanation. Remember to stick to the topic (look at your topic sentence) but be detailed.

  • Consider how you will present your work so that it is both neat and informative. Group ideas that are connected into paragraphs.

(Optional: you could reproduce the different stages of the journey into the afterlife as a storyboard)  

As always, when editing your writing, ensure you have used accurate and varied punctuation; ‘show off’ words and a range of ‘exciting’ sentences. Most importantly, does each sentence make sense?



Facts that you may wish to include in your explanation: 

What items would be left in the tomb for use in the afterlife? 

Through studying the Book of the Dead, hieroglyphs and ancient tombs, what would a funeral procession have looked like? 

Describe the ceremonies of the ‘Opening of the Mouth’ and the ‘Weighing of the Heart’.