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Thursday 28th January 2021 

WALT: Write a simple instruction text: How to mummify a body  

Read through today’s PowerPoint ‘Mummification’ and watch the embedded clip (if you don’t have PowerPoint the clip is here: How an Ancient Egyptian Mummy was Made - YouTube). Make a note of the verbs used (For example: clean, cut, hook... be careful they are not always the words in yellow)

Based on this information, and the information you explored yesterday in the Mummification Story (, today’s English task is to write instructions on how to mummify a body. 

Don’t worry about descriptive language today, you will add this in tomorrow’s lesson. 


  1. List, using bullet points, what you will need in order to embalm and wrap the body.  

  2. List, using bullet points and full sentences, the steps taken in the mummification process. Make sure they are in the correct order. Start each sentence with a verb (you can use the list you made earlier). Can you remember what we call it when we start a sentence with a verb? ( See below for the answer)


Assess: Watch this clip to remind you how to punctuate bullet points. Check and correct, if needed, your punctuation.

Punctuation: Punctuating a bullet point list (KS2) - YouTube


(Starting with a verb is called the imperative, you might have called it a bossy verb in key stage 1)