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This week we will continue to work through Mission Possible.  The ideas of doing our English work over 2 or 3 weeks is for you to be comfortable with the passage and also to slowly build up to, in this case, writing a story.  So far we have done work including activities on characters, vocabulary, story maps and understanding the story.  This week, we will be moving more toward characters and setting for your spy story as well as the language you may use.


WALA: describe and infer from a text passage


Continuing the story, today there are 3 activities.


in Resources, I have included the text again.  Re-read or re-listen the text on the following link: and then look at the 3 activities.


The first activity needs you to read a passage and then answer questions on the text.  Some of these questions are a little different as you need to use your imagination and use the text to make you think about what might happen or what you think about someone based on the information in the text. 


Activity 2 is about your characters for the story you will be writing.  You will write profiles on them; remember you need to describe someone's personality (kind, happy, mean) and also their appearance (tall, blonde hair) to make them as complete as possible.


The final activity is to work on your setting.  When we have done this in the past, we have concentrated on describing words (what are these called?) for your setting.  There is a sheet in the file to give you some ideas.