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WALA the features of a report. 

Today we are going to be learning about the structure of report writing.  Start by looking at the powerpoint ‘Features of reports’ (in resources).  Start the slide show and talk about the purpose of reports.  What does non-chronological mean?  Look at the next page and see the different examples of reports.  How are these different?  How does an encyclopaedia report and a magazine article differ?  Lastly look at the features page, how do these help the reader of the report? 

Look at the Harry Potter phenomenon (resources).  Can you spot any features that were described in the Powerpoint?  You can highlight the features in different colours (you don’t have to print it off as you can save the word document- this is to help you identify the features). 

Think about our questions words, has the report answered any of them?  I would like you to think of some questions you would like to ask about the report?  Remember to try and make your questions really interesting!  What did Daniel Radcliffe get to keep?  Who plays Hermione Granger? Write your questions down, remember punctuation and presentation.