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WALA contrasting reports. 

Start today by having a look at the Harry Potter Studio tour website:

Explore ‘The Experience’ pages and click on the different parts.  (The props, costumes and sets.)  What do you think?  Does it look like fun?  Which parts would you enjoy seeing the most?  Can you spot any features of reports in the drop down menus or in ‘The History’ page?  In the resources you will see two contrasting (different) reports about the Studio Tour. Read the first report, it is a very positive one.  What features did you spot in this report?  Do you agree with the report? Even if you haven’t been you have seen clips and pictures you will have an idea about what the studios would be like. 

Now read the second report.  It is a very negative one!  How do you feel about this one?  Do you agree with it? 

Look at both reports together.  I hope you can see one is overly positive and the other is overly negative.  Neither give a balanced, neutral report of the tour.  Reports need to be objective – not biased.  Both of these reports give strong opinions, rather than being balanced and fair. 

Who might have written each of the reports?  I would like you to describe the person that you think wrote each report by writing your ideas as bullet points.  There is a description sheet at the bottom of the reports you have read that you can copy (again you do not need to print it off as it is easy to replicate).  When you are writing who you think wrote the reports, I would like you to think about why you thought this?  What part of the reports gave you a clue?