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WALT explore ideas for a report. 

Look again at the Harry Potter Studio Tour website:

Examine and discuss some of the things that you like.  Make a list of the things you would like to see if you were to go there.  Although some of you have been lucky enough to have been on the tour today we are all going to imagine that we have actually been on the tour.  You are going to need to think about writing a report about this experience.  You need to imagine that you have been to the studios and are writing the report, what will your report highlight?  What is your main focus going to be?  How are you going to say it?  How are you going to keep it balanced and fair?  Discuss this with someone at home (share your ideas to make sure that they are balanced).  Go back to the powerpoint (found in resources) and recap the features of reports.  Even in a short report you can still use these features. 

Your task today is to write a short report on the Harry Potter Studio tour (using what you have read and seen). 

You can use the template (see resources) to help you (again you don’t have to print it off).  You need to imagine that you have just been on the Harry Potter tour.  You are going to write a report which gives other people information about it, what it is like, what you enjoyed, any improvements that could be made etc.  Remember your report needs to be a fair one with a balanced view point.