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WALT identify clauses and conjunctions. 

Start today’s lesson by reading chapter 7 of Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone, The Sorting Hat (if you don’t have the book I have put the chapter in resources.  Read from the start to after Dumbledore’s three words.  This is when the sorting hat begins telling Harry, Ron and Hermione which houses they will be in.  What did you think about this chapter?  Which parts were funny?  Which house would you like to be in and why?  Now have a look at the powerpoint:  Clauses and conjunctions (see resources) and revise clauses.  Use slides 1 to 6.  Look at each one carefully and ensure you understand what they are telling you.  Discuss them with an adult (or someone your are sitting with).  Explore how conjunctions can be used to add more information on about time, place or cause.  Remember conjunctions join clauses (sentences) so it is important that  you can recognise a clause (this is a sentence that makes sense, has a subject and an active verb).   Look carefully at how the meaning of the sentence can change depending on the conjunction being used.

Today you are going to identify conjunctions and replace them so you can change the sentence meaning.  

Look at the conjunction activity (in resources).  Read through the sentences and identify the clasues by circling them using a coloured pencil.  Spot the conjunction that has been used and circle it in another colour.  Underneath the original sentence, you need to re-write it, changing the conjunction to give the sentence a different meaning. If you do not have a printer then do the underline and highlighting on your computer (on word) then in your book write the new sentence.  You can use the conjunction lists to help you (in resources).