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Monday 1st February 2021

WALT: Use descriptive language

This week you are going to learn about the River Nile.

This week’s learning will help you explain the answer to a BIG question next week: Why was the River Nile was so important for the Ancient Egyptian civilization to thrive for around 3000 years?

Watch this clip How does the River Nile help people survive in Egypt? - KS2 Geography - BBC Bitesize

Over 5000 years ago the Ancient Egyptian civilisation started on the banks of the River Nile. The river runs right through the country & even today the towns & villages are situated along its banks.

If you look at images of the River Nile from space, you will see that Egypt is mostly desert with the fertile green valley of the River Nile running north/south through the country.

The villages that Ancient Egyptians lived in were built on high ground near the River Nile.

There was very little, if any, rainfall in Egypt itself, so the River Nile was very important as a source of water.

Writing task:

Firstly, imagine standing in the middle of a blistering hot desert: no water, no plants or animals, just miles and miles of sand and the baking hot sun overhead. 


Next, open the image of the River Nile. 

List everything you can see that contrasts with the original uninhabitable landscape that you imagined.


You are a time traveller.  You find yourself invisible and floating above this scene in Ancient Egyptian times.  Describe what is happening in detail, using all your senses.

Remember to include ‘exciting sentences’, ‘show off’ words (see the higher level vocabulary 'settings' pdf), perfect and varied punctuation.  Once you have finished, does your writing make sense?