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Thursday 4th February 2021

WALT: Use persuasive language.

Thanks to the River Nile, water was usually plentiful, meaning successful harvests.

Read the following, which explains the type of food that may have been eaten on feast days. How to Plan an Egyptian Feast - Samantha McNesby | Zarifa's Touch of Egypt

Writing task:  Create a sumptuous menu for a mouth-watering Ancient Egyptian feast, fit for a pharaoh. Include different courses and drinks.

Using persuasive language, describe the food so that it sounds irresistible.

For example: Bread might be included as follows: Surely you can’t wait to sample the artisan loaves, spread with the purest, sweetest honey collected from Cleopatra’s very own hives.


You could illustrate your menu to make it more attractive.  Maybe you could use the typical colours found in Ancient Egyptian tombs.