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Tuesday 2nd February 2021

WALT: Retrieve information from various sources to inform our writing.

I’m sure you’re beginning to understand the importance of the River Nile to Ancient Egyptian farmers.  Read through the PowerPoint and make notes on a spider diagram (there is one in the resources, but you can do this on a blank piece of paper) as you read the information. Each section you read about should have its own arrow, with a title and at least one fact.


Then, watch this clip KS2 History: Ancient Egypt. The River Nile - BBC Teach and add to your spider diagram. Use the same headings you have already created and add facts to the appropriate place on your spider diagram.


Use your spider diagram to create a non-chronological report on the river Nile. Look first at the example of a good non-chronological report and the STS checklist of features you will need to include.


Challenge 1:

Include 5 of the features from the checklist.


Challenge 2:

Include 8 of the features from the checklist.


Challenge 3:

Include all 12 of the features from the checklist.