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WALT: write a story introduction.


Over the last couple of weeks we have been using Mission Possible to improve our comprehension and grammar before finally moving on to planning your own story.


Today you will writing only your introduction.  In your introduction, you will be introducing both your characters and your setting.  Remember, you don't have to introduce all of your characters, you may choose to only introduce your good or bad character, that is up to you.


When describing your characters, it is important to describe both their character and their appearance.  Use different sentence openers to show your descriptions and try not to be too obvious.  For example, instead of saying, "John had red hair," you could say, "John had hair the colour of burning fire".  


You would have chosen your setting earlier in your planning so you will need to describe this as well in your introduction.  Remember in lessons, we used the word IMAGERY which means to use your senses.  Don't just describe what you can see; what can you hear, smell, touch and taste as well.  You want your reader to feel like they are at your setting.


In Resources, there is a file that you can use to look at story starters.