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WALT: write the main body of a story.


Yesterday, you wrote the introduction to your story.  In your introduction, we mentioned describing characters and the setting so in order for you to be able to do this, it is important that you used adjectives and adverbs as they are the most common describing words.  Can you remember what an adjective describes?  Can you remember what an adverb describes? 


Your first task today is to re-read what you wrote yesterday to check you have used as many adjectives and adverbs as possible.


Once you have completed that, you will be writing the main part of your story.  You will need to make sure you don't tell the reader all of the key parts yet as they need to have a little suspense.  Try to draw out the process of building up your story.  To do this, after you have written a sentence, re-read it and think about what would happen next if it really happened.  Can you remember in class, when I asked what would happen if you stubbed your toe on the bottom of your bed?  We discussed if that happened, the thing you would immediately do would be to hop and scream before you went to see your mum or dad!


Look at the attached file in Resources which breaks down a story and how each part is made up.  Complete the Build-Up and Dilemma / Problem today and leave the Resolution and Conclusion until tomorrow.