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Extend sentences using conjunctions. 

This week are going to continue with our Harry Potter experience as I know a lot of you are enjoying it. 


Last week you read the extract from the sorting hat.  Today you are going to be watching that clip and another (The arrival at Hogwarts). 

The arrival at Hogwarts (/ ViewPure )

The sorting hat scene (/ ViewPure ). 

How do the video clips compare to the text your read last week (see resources – The Sorting Hat)? 

Discuss the similarities and differences with someone.

Now look at the powerpoint (Clauses and Conjunctions in resources). 

Work through the slides and make sure you understand what slides 7 onwards are saying.  Notice how adding another clause can add more information to the main clause.  Look at how the order of clauses change with the main clause going at the beginning or end of a sentence and how this can change the meaning of the sentence. 

EG:  When she was in the library, Hermione found a new spell book.  Hermione found a new spell book before she was in the library. 




Look at the Harry Potter clauses (See resources).  Read the first clause.  How can you extend it?  How can you give it more detail by adding a conjunction (our sticky word) and a subordinate clause (the extra bit of information that doesn’t make sense on its own)?  Don’t forget to use the correct punctuation and neat joined up handwriting.  Try and challenge yourself by keeping the main clause at the start of the sentence and for some finish your sentence with the main clause.  (Harry slammed the door shut while he was thinking of a plan.  Before he opened the map, Harry slammed the door shut.)  Remember if your start with the subordinate clause in the front of the sentence then you use a comma.