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Write descriptions using extended sentences. 

Remember these are sentences that have extra information that has been added using a conjunction (sticky word)


Read the extract from the Philospher’s Stone where the children have their first broomstick lesson (See resources).  Would you like to learn to ride a broomstick?  Are you afraid of heights?  (If you are that would be a problem when it came to learning how to ride a broomstick).  Would you love it?  Where would you go first?  Look at some of your answers and think about how you could add more information using a conjunction (a sticky word) and clause (extra information). 

EG:  I would fly to Diagon Alley where I would buy a new wand.  I was afraid of flying a broomstick until I had my first lesson with Madame Hooch. 



You are going to write your own description of a broomstick lesson and your first broomstick ride.  You can be as imaginative as you like!  Remember to use extended sentences by using conjunctions to add another clause (Before I flew back to Hogwarts, I visited Hagrid and his dragon.  Remember to think about whether you will put the main clause at the beginning or the end of the sentence.  Discuss your sentences with someone before writing it to make sure it makes sense.  I would like a minimum of 2 extended sentences about a broomstick flight.

I have added a little planning sheet if it helps you (at the bottom of the extract in resources).