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Compare 2 texts and answer questions



Look at the school report (resources:  Wednesday report 1). 

Discuss what type of text this is?  A report. 

What features can you spot?  Write some of them down and check (Factual, objective, headings, present tense verbs, and conclusion) revise these points by looking at the Reports Powerpoint (See resources). 

Have you looked at your own school reports?  Can you find any of the features?  Why do we write school reports?  (To tell your parents how you are getting on at school.  To sum up your progress.  To praise you.  To explain what you need to focus on in order to improve.). 

Now I would like you to read the letter from James’ mother (See resources).  How does the letter compare with the school report? 



Your task for today is to look at the questions about the texts (see resources).  Remember you don’t have to print them off you can write the answers in your books.  Don’t forget to answer the questions using full sentences and keep an eye on the presentation.