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Plan a school report. 

Remember when writing a report you need to be objective. 


So far we have learned that a report gives a fair and accurate picture.

It should summarise a child’s strengths and weaknesses at this moment in time.  It must be really fair. 

Today I would like you to look at the school report that belonged to Neville Longbottom (see resources). 

Can you spot any of the features that we have learned about?  Look at the features from yesterday if you need a quick reminder. 

Is it objective?  Does it remind you more of the report from James Bond rather than the letter from James Bond’s mother? 

Obviously these reports are fictional school reports (means they are not real). 



Today you are going to plan your own fictional school reports.  You are going to choose either Harry, Ron, Hermione or Draco. 

There are 2 different templates you could use to plan your report (See resources). 

Again you do not have to print them off because they are easy to replicate in your books.