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Tuesday 9th February 2021

WALT: Write an introduction and conclusion for an explanation text.

Today you need to write a paragraph to introduce your explanation text and a paragraph to conclude (finish) your text.

The main part of your explanation will be formed by using the information you gathered when answering yesterday’s questions (you don’t need to do this today).

Imagine…It is July and Hapi the god of the Nile has proclaimed (announced) that the flooding season is about to begin.

Yesterday, you learnt how the farming year is divided into three seasons: Akhet, Peret and Shemu.

You are going to write an explanation text which answers this BIG question:

How does an Ancient Egyptian farmer use the seasons to plan for a plentiful harvest?

Writing task one: In three or four sentences, introduce the subject of the importance of the Nile to farming.  Read the attached PowerPoint/ PDF.

If you need some help, then answer these questions in full sentences:

  • Where is the River Nile found in Egypt?
  • Where did most Ancient Egyptians live?
  • Who depended on the Nile to survive?


Writing task 2: In three or four sentences, summarise the affect the Ancient Egyptian’s use of water from the River Nile had on their harvests.

If you need some help, then answer these questions in full sentences:

  • When the Nile flooded each year, what was left behind in the fields?
  • How did the farmers water their crops?
  • There was no money in Ancient Egypt, so how did a plentiful harvest mean that the Egyptians could get more of what they wanted? (See PowerPoint/PDF)