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Thursday 11th February 2021

WALT: Write an explanation text

You will need your work that you annotated yesterday.

Write up your notes to produce a fully formed explanation that answers this question in detail:

How does an Ancient Egyptian farmer use the seasons to plan for a plentiful harvest?

Use your notes to write your explanation in full sentences and clear paragraphs. 

Ensure you include: a question for the heading, an opening paragraph introducing your subject, a conclusion/ summary, subheadings, clear paragraphs, causal conjuctions to give reasons, time conjunctions, exciting sentences, show off words, a glossary explaining technical language.

Try to illustrate each paragraph with a picture that helps the reader understand your explanation – pictures can be hand drawn or found online.

Please don’t rush today’s writing task.  If you find it is taking you longer than 1 hour, use tomorrow’s time for English to complete it.