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Important message: This week, all the English lessons are closely linked.  You will need to keep your completed work from each day, to help you with your next writing task. 

If you miss a day’s work, don’t worry, complete the day you missed before moving on. 

Keyworker children: If you are in school for only part of the week, take your writing to school with you and bring it home.  This will help you to understand and complete the activities.


Monday 8th February  2021

WALT: Plan an explanation text.

Watch the clip on this web site, then complete the short activity to label the farming seasons underneath: Why was farming important to the ancient Egyptians? - BBC Bitesize



Challenge 1:  Read the text in resources then answer the questions about it. The sentence starters have been given to you so that you write in full sentences.

Challenge 2: Read the text in resources then answer the questions about it. Answer in full sentences. This is important as it will help you later in the week when you use this work as part of a plan. 


Share your answers to question 1 and 2 on the class story to check you are writing in full sentences.


It is important that you keep your answers from today’s activity somewhere safe.  You will need them again for Wednesday’s and Thursday’s English lessons.