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Friday 12th February 2021

WALT: Edit and present

Once you have completed your explanation that you partly wrote or completed yesterday, read through your writing thoroughly one last time.

Check you have included Red – challenge 1; Red and orange – challenge 2; red, orange and green – challenge 3.

  • A question for the heading,
  • Your opening paragraph introducing your subject,
  • Subheadings,
  • Clear paragraphs,
  • Causal conjuctions to give reasons,
  • Time conjunctions,
  • Exciting sentences,
  • Show off words,
  • A glossary explaining technical language,
  • A conclusion/ summary answering your question


Use the checklist in the resources. Does every sentence make sense? Is it perfectly punctuated (including commas in 2A. fronted adverbial, BOYS, WWW)? Check the feedback I have given? Fix all these things.

Use a thesaurus to ensure you have chosen the best possible words for your explanation. Make all changes in a different colour so we can clearly see your editing.


If you had not finished yesterday, it may take you the full hour to finish and then proof read and edit thoroughly.


Extension challenge: Practise reading your explanation aloud. Make sure you can pronounce all of the technical words correctly.  Try to make your voice sound as interesting and clear as possible. 

Try to read your text fluently to an audience (a friend, family member, or record yourself on the Dojo video found in your profile).  Ask for feedback from your audience – at least 2 things you did well, 1 thing you might try to improve.


Well done for all your hard work.  Hopefully you feel proud of your efforts.