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WALT: use imperative verbs.


Today's work will be following on from yesterday's work on the features of instructions.  One of those features was imperative, or bossy, verbs.  


To start with, have a listen to the Imperative Verbs song.  It's a little rock and roll but it's fun and has a catchy tune!  You can find it on: 


Try to remember what imperative verbs do, where they might appear in a sentence and if you can think of many.


In Resources there is a powerpoint which explains what they are and what they do.  Some of it reinforces what you learned in yesterday's lesson but it is good to ensure you understand it all.  Read through the powerpoint and then look at the Challenges file.  


In the file there are 3 activities; you need to do Activity 1 and 1 of the other 2 activities.  You can do all 3 if you would like to however you only need to do 2 activities.