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WALT: use adverbs in a sentence.


This year we have spent a lot of time discussing different word classes.  As a grammatical starter today, can you match each of the word classes with their meanings.


Noun            Describes a Noun                     
Verb            Replaces a Noun  
Adjective            Connects sentences or clauses  
Adverb            A word that comes before a noun or adjective  
Conjunction            Describes where or when something is  
Preposition            A person, place or thing  
Pronoun            Describes a Verb  
Determiner            A doing word  


Today we will concentrate on adverbs and adverbials.  You will find that they are the same however adverbials will comprise of more than one word.


Watch the following BBC link on adverbs and adverbials; some of the information you hear will be things we have already discussed  On this page there are 2 videos and 2 quick activities for you to complete.  Once you have completed this, there is a file in Resources for you to attempt.