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Morning Good Butterfly Class!

Friday 26th February



What you will need


WALT- to problem solve.

1. Warm up your maths brains by completing the next test in the CGP mental workout book.

2. Problem Solving Friday with Dr Rudman – Dr Rudman has set you a new challenge today. He has explained it in the video link below.

3. You will need to work out the problem and show how you have answered it by writing it down, don’t forget you can represent it in any way you wish. Please show us on class dojo so we can send them to Dr Rudman, we can then give you his feedback.

CGP mental workout maths book


Dr Rudman's maths video in resources below


Number Sequences sheet in resources below 


WALT understand not all poems have to rhyme

  1. Warm up your brain by writing as many of this week’s spellings as you can remember (ful words) Remember you can share your score with your teacher on Dojo.
  2. Begin by watching the boy perform On the Ning, Nang, Nong on the link BBC Two - Off by Heart, A young boy performs 'Alligator' by Grace Nichols to win a poetry recital competition. Stop the clip at the end of Kamall performing ‘Alligator’. What did you think of these performances?
  3.  Today, we are going to do some work on   ‘Alligator’. Read the poem, found under          today’s work. This type of poem is called Free Verse, it doesn’t have to rhyme.
  4.  Challenge Open the document (under today’s work) called ‘Your own poem, based on Alligator’. Choose your own animal and fill in the missing words. How will you describe your animal? Where will they live?

Alligator poem found below in resources 


Your own poem based on Alligator found below in resources 


Find a cosy place and have your very own OTTER time with a book you love. A good book 

Topic - French 

Walt: remember numbers in French.

Write out numbers 0 to 10 in French and English words, add pictures if you like

English         French

 zero       0      zero

one          1       un

two         2       deux


There is a help sheet in resources.

Here is a video to help you practise a French accent.



Guide sheet – found in the resources below.

Dr Rudman's Number Sequences video

Still image for this video

Number sequences worksheet

Super Cats Part 15

Still image for this video