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Early Morning Activity 


Practice writing your first name and your surname. You could use a stick and write it in mud or a piece of chalk to write it on concrete. Are you forming all of your letters correctly? You could always use the letter formation sheets attached below to help you.  

Good Morning Bumblebees!


You have made it to Friday :) I am so proud of you all. Enjoy your last day of home learning for this week. 


Friday 26th February 2021



What you will need


Today I would like you to watch the following video of 'Kippers Toy Box'- . As you watch the story I would like you to use a box and some toys that you have at home to re-enact the story. 


Your activity for today-   I would like you to complete the activity on the sheet below (Toy Box). 


Extra challenge- On your daily walk I would like you to see if you can spot some mini-beasts. How many legs do they have? When you get home you could draw some pictures of the mini-beasts you spotted. 



Any toys that you have at home.



As a fun starter I would like you to log into PhonicsPlay-  Username- jan21 password- home. Go to Resources > phase 2 > Tricky Word Trucks> phase 2 (if you want an extra challenge you could see if you can remember any of the phase 3 tricky words). 


I would now like you to watch my phonics video where we will be recapping the phase 2/3 tricky words that we have learnt so far , before learning a new tricky word 'you'. 

Phonics workbook- You can still collect these from school. 


Tricky word song- http://www.viewpure.



Paper and pencil


I would like you to choose a book on Bug Club. Don't forget to use your robot arms to help you read the words. Answer the comprehension questions by clicking on the bug icon. Did you get them all correct? 

Bug Club username and password- if you need this please message me on class dojo.


I would like you to get your bodies moving by joining in with the following 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' dance workshop-  . 




Still image for this video

Friday 26th Feb 2021