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Early Morning Activity 


Have you got a favourite toy or teddy? Ask an adult to ask you questions about this item. Reverse the roles so you ask an adult about their favourite item. 

Good Morning Bumblebees!


You have made it to Friday :) I am so proud of you all. Enjoy your last day of home learning for this week. 


Friday 22nd January 2021



What you will need


I would like you to start today's maths session by answering the following questions. When do you eat your breakfast? Is it during the day or night? When do you go to sleep? Is it during the day or night? When do you go to school? Is it during the day or night? If you are struggling with these questions then I would like you to complete the activity called ‘Night and Day’ (saved below).


If you are confident with knowing what we do during the night and day then I would like you to move on and watch session 5 on the White Rose Maths Home Learning Page. Now complete the activity next to the video (I have also saved the activity sheet as a PDF at the bottom).


If you would like to challenge yourself further I have added a document below called 'Extra Challenge'. 

White Rose maths Home Learning page-


Night and Day activity sheet. This sheet is only for the children that are struggling to distinguish between the activities we do during the night and day (saved below).


Sequencing activity sheet that goes alongside session 5 (saved below). 


Scissors, glue and a pencil.


Extra challenge document saved below. 



Tricky words 



I would like you to choose a book on Bug Club. Don't forget to use your robot arms to help you read the words. Answer the comprehension questions by clicking on the bug icon. Did you get them all correct? 

Bug Club username and password- if you need this please message me on class dojo.


To calm our minds I would like you to find a quiet space in the house, listen to some calming music- and complete one of the mindfulness colouring sheets attached. See if an adult can ask you how you are feeling today.


Colouring pencils.


Mindfulness colouring sheets (saved below). You could always draw your own picture to colour.