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Early Morning Activity


Write the following phase 3 tricky words on separate pieces of paper- hesheweme, be, you. If you are unsure of the phase 2 tricky words then you could include these too- nogotointo, I, the. Place them near to each other on the floor. Throw a ball (or an object that you are allowed to throw) at one of the words. Turn it over and read the word. Did you know them all? 

Good Morning Bumblebees!


You have made it to Friday :)  Enjoy your last day of home learning for this week. Have a lovely weekend. 


Friday 5th March 2021



What you will need


As a fun starter I would like you to answer question one on page 10 (Adding) of your maths book. Question 2 is an extra challenge as it's a little more tricky. Use objects from around the house to help you. 


Today I would like you to either print out the dotted plates with numbers 0-5 or you can create your own. I would like you to arrange the plates so that you have- 

1.) a pair of plates with a total of 4 dots

2.) a pair of plates with a total of 5 dots

3.) a pair of plates with a total of 6 dots


How many dots does each plate have? 

Explore adding two plates together to work out the total? Now choose a different two? is the total number the same or different? 

Maths books- you can still get these at the school office. 


WALT design our own wedding dress/ suit and label our work.

  1. It’s our final story of the week. I really hope you’ve enjoyed them. Today enjoy listening to me reading  ‘The Scarecrow’s Wedding’.
  2. There were lots of problems before Betty and Harry had their wedding day, but they got there in the end.

3.) Imagine that you are Betty or Harry in the story. What would your dream wedding dress or wedding suit look like? Using the template below I would like you to get creative and design your very own wedding dress or suit. Now I would like you to label your design. Don't forget to use your robot arms and the phase 2/3 sound mat to help you. 



Paper and a pencil.


Wedding dress/suit template (saved below)


I would like you to choose a book on Bug Club. Don't forget to use your robot arms to help you read the words. Answer the comprehension questions by clicking on the bug icon. Did you get them all correct? 

Bug Club username and password- if you need this please message me on class dojo.


Today I would like you to choose one mindfulness activity to complete. You could do all three if you would like. 


1.) Follow along with 'How to Draw a Dinosaur with Shapes' video- . If you did not want to draw a dinosaur you could search 'Art for Kids Hub' on YouTube to find more drawing videos. 


2.) Play some relaxing music and choose a mindfulness fairytale colouring sheet to colour in (sheets attached below). You could always draw your own picture to colour if you do not have a printer. 


3.) Take part in this fun yoga video-  

Paper and pencil


Your favourite music


Mindfulness colouring sheets (attached below)

The Scarecrows' Wedding

Still image for this video

Friday 5th March 2021