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Good Morning Ladybird Class!

The final day of week 4, nearly ready for 2 days of rest.

Well done once again!

Friday 29th  January 2021



What you will need


WALT- to problem solve.

1.Warm up your maths brains by completing a Mental workout from your ‘Mental workout’ CGP book. p 1 Exercise 1 (We have not covered the tough challenge work in class so this is extra tough! You do not have to do this section if it is too hard)

2. Problem Solving Friday with Dr Rudman – Dr Rudman has set you a new challenge today. He has explained it in the video link below.

3. You will need to work out the problem and show how you have answered it by writing it down, don’t forget you can represent it in any way you wish. Please show us on class dojo so we can send them to Dr Rudman, we can then give you his feedback.

CPG Mental workout book


Video link below


WALA reading comprehension 

 Please watch the video below before completing the reading comprehension.

If you are reading pink or red books complete sheet 1

If you are reading yellow or blue books please complete sheet 2

If you are reading green, or turquoise books please do sheet 3.

Try to read the text yourself. You can have help to read the questions and if you really get stuck.

Video – found below


Sheet 1

sheet 2 or

sheet 3



Today we are recapping all the graphemes from this week

Watch today’s video

 The floor is lava game

Write down some or all of these words onto bits of paper











Spread them around the room. Move around the room. When someone shouts the floor is lava! Quicky jump onto one of the pieces of paper and read the word! Or use them as steppingstones so you don’t step on the lava. Remember to read the word as you step on it!

Video in resources

paper and pencil     



Find a cosy place and have your very own OTTER time with a book you love.

A good book

Topic - Geography

WALA- Chinese money and their flag.

This week we want you to get to know the Chinese Flag, Mrs Walden has created a fact sheet for you. Have a read and then have a go at drawing the flag, do you have the correct colours at home? Maybe you could use the computer to draw it? Using and inserting shapes in word.

Then take a look at the money they have in China (Mrs Walden has created another fact file for you), they don’t use the pound notes we have here or Euros like you may have used on holiday before.

Then can you create some of your own money that would represent you and your family? Maybe you could have a picture of your dad on the back and a picture of your favourite place?

Have fun!

Flag fact sheet – found in the resources below.

Money Fact sheet – found in the resources below.

Tasks as word document.

Dr Rudman's Maths challenge

Still image for this video

English video

Still image for this video

Phonics video

Still image for this video