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Good Morning Butterfly Class!

The final day of our home schooling, you have made it, just complete today and you will have 2 days of rest before you get to see your friends once again at school!

Happy weekend everyone!

Friday 5th  March 2021



What you will need


WALT- to problem solve.

1. Warm up your maths brains by completing the pages 61 and 63 in the maths CGP study and question book.

2. Problem Solving Friday with Dr Rudman – Dr Rudman has set you a new challenge today. He has explained it in the video link below.

3. You will need to work out the problem and show how you have answered it by writing it down, don’t forget you can represent it in any way you wish. Please show us on class dojo so we can send them to Dr Rudman, we can then give you his feedback.

CGP Maths study and Question (green)


Dr Rudman’s maths problem – worksheet found in resources and video under the resources.


WALT describe

  1. It’s our final story of the week. I really hope you’ve enjoyed them. Today enjoy listening to Miss Lofthouse reading ‘The Scarecrow’s Wedding’.
  2. There were lots of problems before Betty and Harry had before their wedding day, but they got there in the end.
  3. Use ‘The Scarecrow’s Wedding’ resource and look at the last 2 pages from the story. Imagine you went to Betty and Harry’s wedding. You can go as yourself or be one of the animals.
  • What did you see at the wedding? (look carefully at the pictures)
  • How did you feel?
  • What did you smell?
Write some sentences (remembering to use capital letters, full stops and adjectives) to describe what the wedding was like. As an extra challenge – try to include some adverbs too.
The Scarecrow’s Wedding resource –found in the resources below.


Here is another author talking about a nonfiction book for your £1 voucher.

Topic - P.E

Walt: have fun and exercise

Follow the video to have a wild and very funny workout with Andy. He will pretend he is underwater moving around and meeting different sea creatures.

For an extra challenge you could send us a clip of you moving like one of the creatures and we could guess who you are.

Video -



Maths video

Still image for this video

The Scarecrow's Wedding

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